How It Works

Your Company's Got Talent!® is divided into two parts: The Admin Control Panel and the Contest. Once you have created your contest, the Admin can log into their dashboard at (or by clicking the button below). The Admin controls all the contest parameters and audits videos. The admin can close the polls at any time. The admin can view members and send email notifications to everyone in the system.

Members log into the contest at Members are free to view and vote for their favorite video and if they so choose, upload their own video to compete.

Getting Started
Create a company profile by clicking "Create Contest". Select the plan that is right for you. You can upgrade your plan at any time to accommodate a larger contest or multiple contests. Choose all your settings in your admin dashboard. One of the first things you may want to do is upload a .jpg of your company logo to brand your contest. Also, carefully select the number of finalists you would like.

Privacy and The Contest Key
In your admin dashboard, you can specify a "contest key". Distribute your contest key to anyone you want to participate in the contest. If you feel your key word has been compromised, you can change/update the keyword at anytime. New members will need the new keyword to sign up. Existing members will not be affected by the change.

Uploading Videos
Each participant may upload one video. Over 40 formats are supported. Videos will not appear in the contest until the admin approves them (unless the admin has checked "auto approve videos" in the dashboard). Typically, a video should not be over 60 seconds to minimize load time and the time voters will spend viewing videos.

Each participant is allowed one vote. They may not vote for themselves, as all these votes would cancel each other. If a participant chooses to update or replace their video, the vote total will reset to zero and others will have to re-vote. If a participant is suspended or the administrator decides to delete their video, all votes are canceled for that video. Emails automatically are sent to all the voters in the system to let them know that their vote was voided so they can re-vote for another video. Once polls are closed, votes can no longer be cast.

Uploaded videos sit in a queue until the admin approves them unless the admin has checked "auto approve videos" in the admin dashboard. The admin can also choose to suspend and/or delete videos containing inappropriate content.

The contest admin may choose the number of finalists. Typically there are three or five. If you are running a small contest and want to see the results immediately, leave "Hide Results" unchecked.

*If you are running multiple contests chained together, hide the results in each contest until you get to the finals or last contest in the chain. You may also use this feature if you are going to host a live finale where the finalists will be announced.

Multi-Level contests or "chained contests"
In very large organizations, such as educational institutions and national corporations, you may chain together multiple contests to create auditions, heats, semi-finals and finals. You may accomplish this by entering the key to the next contest. Finalists can be advanced to the next level at the contest's conclusion with the click of a button.